The clean air in Gorna Bania, as well as the modern trends of increased outdoor activities and games for the children, made us put greater emphasis on the exterior. We decided to transform the plot into a park highlighted by a color coded alley, which connects the playgrounds, the sport zone and the test garden and is intended for running, scooter riding and other fun activities.
The building consists of four house-like sections, each covered with a double-pitched roof. Two passageways penetrate the structure and lead to the entrances, thus letting in natural light from the south.
The used materials are alternating stucco coat and exposed brick. The choice of exposed brick was influenced by the interest of children in clay shaping and various games with building blocks. The idea is to show the versatility of a material already known to the children by building the facades with different types of brick bonds.
The roof has metal sheathing with reflective pigmentation.
Each section has its own dominant color, which can be seen as a contour around the window systems and in the movable furniture in the rooms.
Rainwater will be collected in a tank. A gas condensing boiler will secure the heating in combination with a solar panel installation. An inverter is foreseen, as well as an option for the installation of a „smart circuit” that would enable the control of power consumption.

type: preliminary design, open architectural competition
location: Gorna bania, Sofia
total floor area: 2252m2
client: Sofia Municipality
project year: 2019