We see the trip from the entrance, through the staircase and into the office premises as a visually continuous line with two distinct types of spaces along the way: transit spaces, which suggest passing without stopping and all together spaces – zones where one can stop and do something, both in a group or individually.
The visual expression of this architectural line is determined by: dominating color ~design solutions~ graphic works ~signboards ~furniture.
The existing black baseboard extends along the walls and ceiling in the area of the staircase landings. In this way, clearly defined „stages” are shaped.
The choice of designs, in combination with the Secession architecture of the building and the surrounding mosaics, stonework and decorative metal elements, correspond with the trends and basic principles of adidas. The pieces of furniture in the all together spaces are decorated with handmade original drawings.

type: architectural and spatial design, branding
location: adidas office building, Sofia
client: Vice bulgaria, adidas bg
team: Milena Fetvadjieva, Gergana Mudova, Trash lovers crew
realization: 2013