URBANVIVA is a studio for architecture with combined Dutch-Bulgarian expertise, based in Sofia and Plovdiv. URBANVIVA provides the whole investment and urban planning process – from concept to realization of public, residential and mix-use buildings and spaces.
Since 2020 the studio is offering a new professional service – planning and design of contemporary farms and pasture lands.
The company URBAN VIVA Ltd. was founded in 2010 by Milena Fetvadjieva.
Works in partnership with NAS – Network Agro Solutions – www.rodeo.bg

MILENA FETVADJIEVA is a Master of Architecture from Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban design (AvBR) and graduated architect from the Sofia University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (UACEG). She is certified architect within Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and Dutch Architectural Register, with DGNB certificate for sustainable design.
In 2010 she won in a team the “Building of the year” award for Residential Park Sofia. She has realized projects within “Culture” and “Europe” programs of Sofia Municipality. In 2018 together with the architects Nikolova and Andreev, won 1st prize in an open architectural competition for the reconstruction of the hotel in the open air museum Etar, and in 2019 became one of the finalists in the architectural competition “House of the children” for 3000 m2 mix use building in Sofia.

photo: Yana Lozeva
web design: Blagovest Blagoev