Through gentle renovation of the 1929 facade bar KANAAL is facing the city at the corner of the “Madrid” and “Evlogi and Christo Georgievi” Boulevards.
In the interior we erase all spare layers, added through the years, stripping the walls to the brick. The modernist circled window is opened out again in order to become a facade accent.
The space – a combination of dark blue ceiling, exposed brick and walls, covered with the proper “fond de teint” – is getting animated through the RGB light effects.

type: architectural reconstruction and interior design
location: 2 “Madrid” Blvd.
client: KANAAL Ltd.
contractor: URBANVIVA Ltd.
project crew: arch. Milena Fetvadjieva, arch. Antonina Ilieva (P.O.N.Y. architects), Oleg Vladimirov, Luben Piperkov