STEAKSPO is a specialised international professional livestock forum.. In 2019 it was held on the 1st and 2nd of November at the International Fair Plovdiv.
STEAKSPO is a forum that brings together professionals in the livestock sector, traders, restaurateurs and producers. STEAKSPO is an educational event that enhance the farmers’ knowledge and skills with the aim to improve the quality of the national livestock production. STEAKSPO is also family-oriented. There are many play areas for children, moveable games, an area with small-breed animals that can be fed by the children.

For the first time in 2019 STEAKSPO was implemented according architectural project.
The masterplan concept suggests three main squares with specific theme for each one of them. The first square is organized around the “Business and knowledge exchange” theme. The square links the arena for cattle exhibition with the congress area where specialized lectures will be held throughout the event.
In the second square area – the central square themed “Animals exposition and play area” are located the tents of the “Beef Breeders Association of Bulgaria”, “National Association for meat cattle breeding in Bulgaria” and “The Lacaune breeding association in Bulgaria”. The square is framed by stationary animal boxes, exhibitors’ pavilions and play area.
The third square theme is “Food, music and marketplace”. It is orgаnised around a big tent linking the stage, the exhibitors’ pavilions and the farmers’ market.

type: spatial design
location: International Plovdiv Fair, Bulgaria
client: BBAB, STEAKSPO Foundation
authors: arch. Milena Fetvadjieva, Andrey Chalakov
project crew: urb. Despina Kaneva, Oleg Vladimirov
exhibition area: 12000m2
event : 01-02.11.2019
photos: firm archive, Rosina Pencheva, Yana Lozeva